Betting Tips for Those Who Don’t Bet Very Often

If you are someone who does not bet often, but likes to have a bet on the finals in the UEFA Champions League or the Europa League, then it is probably best that you take a crash course in betting so that you know how to bet.

Three Things to Consider Before You Start Betting

Some useful football betting tips for the occasional better include, but are not limited to:

  • Determine the maximum that you are prepared to spend on the total of your bets, being mindful that if you bet too little you are unlikely to be able to generate any decent wins but betting too much might result in losses that you cannot afford.
  • Calculate the maximum amount that you are prepared to place on an individual bet, knowing that if you place a number of bets on several events, you are more likely to minimize losses and maximize profits.
  • Identify what category you want to bet in. You might elect to bet just on the outcome of the game (home or away win or draw) or you might choose to place micro bets such as the number of goals scored, team to score the first goal, or the final score being over a specific total.

How Likely Is It That You Will Win?

Before you start applying these football betting tips, you probably need to understand the probabilities of betting. Probabilities or predictions that any bet that you place will be successful largely center on percentages. For example, some probabilities that you could come across include:

  • A home win is 60% likely to occur.
  • An away win is 25% likely to occur.
  • A draw between the two competing teams is 15%.

As a new better, you can find probabilities to supplement your football betting tips on the internet.


There are online calculators and websites you can investigate that will calculate your chances of winning. You may also wish to look into matched betting or accumulator betting, depending on your interest in betting as a whole.

To reiterate the point, it is important to understand that betting is based on chance. There are certainly degrees of chance, and more or less educated bets, but the odds of achieving overall profits are always in the favor of the bookmaker or betting agency. Make sure that you understand how betting works, types of bets, and the risks involved before placing your bet.

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