Big Payouts through a Football Accumulator

Even though there are huge risks attached to gambling and betting on sports like football, many people still try their luck at receiving a huge payout. There are all sorts of calculators, gambling co-operatives, magical formulas, and equation-based services that offer assistance to the wagerer that are not always based on winning odds.

Alongside techniques like double betting and matched betting, one way to generate huge potential payouts is through a process called an Accumulator. Using the example of football betting, what is a football accumulator and how does it work?

What is an Accumulator?

Where matched betting generates small but virtually risk-free profits, an accumulator is a way of betting that links together more than one bet or wager. The potential payout is much larger, but the win depends on all of the bets in the accumulator being successful. This means that the odds of winning are much lower, but the payout is also much higher.

An accumulator is also called a parlay or combo bet and is quite a popular method of betting in football, though the chances of success are lower. In one sense, it is almost the opposite of a matched betting technique in that it actually lowers the odds of winning while generating a higher payout.

The Chances of a Big Win

As the number of individual bets rises, the odds also rise. This means that the more individual bets there are in the parlay or accumulator, the bigger the potential payout. Of course, the odds of winning drop as the numbers increase. There are online calculators to assist in the process of determining the value of an accumulator or combo bet.

Given that there is less risk attached to an accumulator bet than there is to matched betting for the bookmaker or betting service, many online betting agencies even offer daily advice on accumulators. Some agencies, such as bet365 for example, even offer free bets as part of combo bets to encourage this method of betting.


If you’ve ever wondered “What is a football accumulator?”, you now know that it is a bet type that can offer huge payouts at the risk of lowering the odds of winning. Many betters contend that it is not a wise way to bet, but for many who like betting in the accumulator with a large group (like a work organization or social club), it can be really fun.


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