Best Practices of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is simply the part of marketing which uses electronic and web-based digital technology like computer networks, cell phones, handheld devices and various other digital media and interactive platforms like the internet to advertise goods and services. It is a part of search engine marketing. This type of marketing is generally used to reach the customers who are easily accessible on the World Wide Web. Today, almost everyone has access to the internet and a large number of buyers make purchases online.

Digital marketing

There are different strategies involved in digital marketing. There are direct email marketing, SMS marketing, social media strategy, web page promotion and search engine marketing etc. Most companies now make use of all these platforms for their promotional campaigns. However, some companies prefer to make use of the offline marketing techniques before stepping into the digital channels for better exposure.

Email marketing automation software is one such application that helps in managing an effective email marketing campaign. The email marketing automation enables the users to send bulk messages across various email distribution lists with the help of a single click. Moreover, the campaign can be tracked using the popular Google activity analytic tools. The digital marketing automation software helps in saving time and money and also allows the marketers to concentrate more on other core activities.

SMS are great tools for inbound marketing as they are more capable of penetrating through the various layers of the business. This makes them ideal for online as well as offline marketing campaigns. These have the advantage of being cost effective and reaching more people at a faster rate. One can also customize the message and content according to the requirement of the product and service. Apart from sending bulk SMS, one can also perform inbound marketing campaign using the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing strategy. It is the driving force behind any website’s visibility in the top results of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. SEO is a must for any website as it improves its search engine ranking and visibility. Moreover, it ensures high quality traffic to websites.

Social media platforms have come as a boon for all digital marketers as they allow instant sharing of messages and photos. It also allows the users to connect to people from different parts of the world. Many advertising agencies are now utilizing the social media platforms for their digital strategy. This helps in connecting the creatives with their target audiences. A good social media plan always combines the creative efforts with paid campaigns on the most popular platforms.

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