8 Website SEO Tips Your Business Should Know.

There are many secrets in terms of SEO, but listed here are 8 points to hopefully assist you

1. Firstly if you have a flash built website, you need to delete it and begin again, you will not get a good ranking with a flash built website as Google cannot crawl them.

2. Most significantly optimize your Title, meta keywords/description, H1, H2 text to incorporate your keywords

3. Make sure your homepage has a fair amount of text and that the text includes your keywords.

4. Submit the web site to as much decent website directories as yow will discover, including DMOZ

5. If you can add a WordPress blog for you and start posting blogs are an excellent method of getting Google thinking about your website.

6. Start posting some articles on websites similar to Medium.com for getting useful links back.

7. Answer questions in relevant forums, they allow you to put a signature together with your link in, even if the link is a nofollow a minimum of it will promote awareness.

8. Touch upon other blog postings but don’t allow it to be spammy provide a relevant response and place a link back for your website.

It’s that simple the SEO tips nothing magical, but that is SEO. SEO takes lots of effort and time, it will not be instant, and overnight it usually takes months to get an honest and even then I am afraid it will likely not be number one position for a competitive keyword phrase.

These are just a few tips, and remember, that digital marketing is a beautiful way to improve your business.